Happy Feet

A Unique Experience at Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences

When you are itching to go to the beach but the weather doesn’t allow you to, where would you go? Weather can be a little tricky sometimes that it gets annoying especially when you have cautiously planned for the perfect sunny day at the beach. It definitely ruins everything, right?

But, don’t fret! Luks Lofts Hotel & Residences in Batangas got you covered!

Although it isn’t the same as getting your usual vitamins (C)sea and D, at least you get to swim and dive without having to worry about the rain. Boy, you don’t even have to worry about your swimwear! You can wear anything you like and no one’s going to notice because in Luks Lofts, it’s like having your own private resort!

What’s more is that everything you need in your resort is available at just one touch of a finger. How is that possible?


Okay. Without further ado, allow me to share to you our unforgettable experience at Luks Lofts Hotel…


I initially wanted to go to the beach for Ralph’s birthday. But knowing that 99.9% of the time it will rain on his birthday, I didn’t want to bet on the littlest chance that it wouldn’t. So, I thought to myself, “if beach isn’t possible, something different would be nice,” That’s when I discovered this gem of a place in Batangas.


The drive from Manila to Batangas normally takes around 2 hours via SLEX. But given the unpredictable traffic and the tricky August weather, it took us a little over 3 hours to get there.

Our first impression when we saw the hotel from afar … “Is the owner a fan of Minecraft?” Coz it looked like it came out of the game where it was originally built and then put to life! I must admit I thought the structure was a little absurd with its black and red colored tiles (no picture though because it was raining then). I even imagined it from the game Tetris! The owner must have been a gamer!


But… As cliché as it sounds, DON’T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER. When we stepped into the lobby, we felt like we were transported to some futuristic world where everything is highly automated. Add to that the genuine smiles from everyone who welcomed us to their world. It was far from how I imagined it from the outside. Impressive!

We were escorted to our room shortly after briefing us of the amenities the hotel offers. Look how clean and refined their hallway was…


Our access to the room was not the usual key or keycard that is widely used in most of the hotels in and outside the country. Luks Lofts Hotel boasts of their keyless access, Facial Recognition System, to all of their rooms. It also doubles as a camera inside your room to see who is at your door. Cool, huh?


As soon as the door opened, we were greeted with a Happy Birthday song, with two ladies holding one cake each, another lady holding a rose, and two others just clapping and singing along. Yeah, I told them this trip was a birthday gift for my boyfriend. I also told them a few days after when they followed up on our breakfast selection, that I recently got engaged. But I didn’t expect they would surprise us like that. Oh, my money’s worth. ❤️


They did not just surprise us with a song. They surprised us with rose petals on each bed, like they were setting the mood for a romantic night. Honeymoon kagad? HAHAHA! Funny!


Each of the lofts also has its own sauna, which we didn’t think of trying even for a second. Not because it wasn’t inviting but…


Because we’d rather be in the pool, swimming our hearts out while watching our favorite show.


Did you notice the pool lights? It changes! 🙂


The only time we got out of the water was when our hands and feet started to get wrinkly. Haha! That’s when we also realized it was a little late for dinner. So, we hurriedly took a shower to catch Luks Café before closing.

By the way, one thing I didn’t like about the hotel was their toiletries. They were beautifully packaged but the quality, specifically the scent, was something they didn’t invest much on. Not that I use hotel toiletries every time I check-in (because I always bring my own) but I have this habit of checking everything in the room.


So, Luks Café. Another thing I didn’t like about the hotel was their food. The price of a full meal, as far as I can remember, ranges from P600-P5000+. To think they were on the expensive side and boasting of world-class amenities and great cuisine, our expectations on the food were a bit high. Sadly though, our orders – Stir Fry Wagyu Beef w/ Broccoli Flower and their Kung Pao Chicken – did not meet any of those expectations.

Presentation wise was of top-notch. But the food quality, they seriously need to improve on.

On the lighter side, look how cute their café was!



After dinner, we went back to the room, straight to this lavish sofa and tucked ourselves under the comfy blanket. Hmmmm. “What do we do?” asked Ralph. I said, “Let’s be productive. Let’s go through our wedding timeline!”


Guess what? We didn’t last 30 minutes. We were too relaxed to be thinking about this and that. So, we ended up watching a movie! Haha!

Luks Lofts hotel offers hundreds of Live TV Channels from across the world as well as movies you can watch in high definition.



All in all, Luks Lofts’ elegantly designed rooms are each equipped with Two Bedrooms with Queen Size Memory Foam Mattresses, a 20-Feet Long Fresh Water Jet Pool, a Lavish Sofa, a 49” Smart TV, a Digital Butler, a Fully Equipped Kitchen and a Poolside Private Dining, a Finnish Wood Private Sauna, a Blazing Fast Internet, and a lot more! Literally A LOOOT MORE!

I actually wanted to tell more about it, about how cool the concept of Luks Lofts is but I don’t want to spoil everything for you. You have to experience it yourself! I promise you will get your money’s worth considering the hefty price for just one night.

In the meantime, here’s a virtual tour of the room we stayed in. Come see for yourself! 🙂


I think by now you are wondering how much I paid for this kind of luxury, don’t you? Hehe. Alright. I’m spilling the beans…

Luks Lofts rates did not change from the time we checked in (mid August of last year). Their standard rate ranges from P24,000 (Luxury Loft) to P30,000 (Honeymoon Loft) a night, for 2 persons.

I heard you. It was very expensive, yes. But, guess what? You can get it for a much lower price like I did! Try browsing dealgrocer.com from time to time because they offer a one night stay at Luks Lofts Hotel for only P16,500 with breakfast for 2 already!


LOCATIONLuks Lofts Bldg., Joseling Road Pallocan West Batangas City, Philippines (located just behind SM City Batangas)

CONTACT NUMBER(043) 302 1000



TRAVEL PERIOD: August 19-20, 2017

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