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Strings & Drinks at Uke Box Caffé

Situated at the second floor of Village Center along E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, you would probably miss this sign – Uke Box Caffé – when you drive down to C-5 from Katipunan. Unless you get stuck in traffic and your eyes wander around, there’s a big chance you’d see it and wonder… Hmmm, ano kaya meron dyan? (Hmmm, what’s in there?)


I’ve only heard about the café a few days ago from my brother, who happens to know about it from his friend, who happens to be one of the owners of the café. Did you follow? Haha!

Anyway, when I searched about Uke Box, I learned that it is already popular with over 87,000+ likes in FB. Wow! Just wow! How in the world did I miss this place before? … I went there right away during work hours coz I got really curious. Yep. Good employee here!



The minute I stepped inside, the mural on the left side with ukuleles hanging around immediately caught my attention. There was also this mini stage where (as I was told) anyone can actually play a uke and sing.

NOTE: I read from their page that they rent the ukes out if you don’t have one yet and you want to perform right there and then. They also give free lessons to anyone interested to learn. Nice! Check their FB page for the schedule.


Stepping further into the long and narrow café, I found myself being completely impressed when I saw the wooden bunk-bed style seating on the right side with comfy bean bags and pillows. I was even more impressed by the fact that the owners were able to maximize their limited space and turned it into such a cozy place!


It was really homey I could stay there forever!  😍



There were a lot of interesting dishes I wanted to try on the menu but MONTE CRISTO (P190) sounded perfect that time. For my drink, of course the matcha monster in me automatically went for the GREEN TEA MATCHA (P155).


The Monte Cristo is a classic ham & cheese sandwich combined with the sweet flavors of a French toast sprinkled with icing sugar plus a maple syrup on the side, served on a ukulele-shaped board. So cute! And it was more than just the presentation. The sandwich was really good! However, I think it’s meant to be shared coz I got a bit umay (fed up) when I was halfway finished.


The Green Tea Matcha, on the other hand, was smooth and creamy just the way I liked it. It was lightly sweetened that it didn’t overshadow the taste of matcha. Yum! It was something I would definitely NOT share to anyone, even to my boyfriend. Nah-uh!


While I was enjoying my drink, the view from where I was seated had me thinking… I want one of those cute little ukes!!! 😍


Hence, I got one (P1,900)! I was such an impulsive buyer. HAHA! Kidding. My brother told me that my niece wants a ukulele. So yeah, this one’s for her.

Seriously though, I also wanted one for myself coz it’s super cute!

I was glad my brother told me about this ukulele-themed café. It really was a nice place especially for those who want to unwind after a hectic day or spend quality time with family and friends or go on a casual date over good food and drinks while enjoying the sound of ukulele music.

I can’t wait to go back there again for another shot of their Matcha goodness with the hope of catching live performances from talented people. I’m pretty sure a lot of them frequent this place for its relaxed setting in the middle of a busy city.


2/F 187 Village Center, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Libis, Bagumbayan, Quezon City

UPDATE (August 18, 2017): They moved to a new location – MANHATTAN ROW, ARANETA CENTER

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