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Restaurant Review: Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken

It isn’t just Fridays anymore that my boyfriend and I are posed with the hardest question every couple faces: Where Are We Eating? It’s now Fridays and Saturdays that we have to think about the question over and over again. Thanks to our dear friends who set basketball games every Saturday; you guys gave us another reason to fight over food. HAHA! Just kidding. Looking at the bright side, I get to bond with my girls while the boys play, plus I get to discover restaurants I haven’t tried before.

Since we were just around the area, I checked the restaurants in Kapitolyo and came across Gostoso Piri Piri Chicken. I wasn’t sure then if it was the same “Peri-peri chicken” I know of but it sounded perfect for an after game dinner. And since I am usually the one who decides on where to eat (after long discussions), I suggested we go there.


First impression: Gostoso must be really good! There was no parking when we got there, in front and the parking lot were both full. And the place was a bit packed! Good thing it was half an hour before closing when we visited. So, we just waited a bit for them to finish and leave.

See. The whole place to ourselves! Gostoso is just a small restaurant but is full of characters. It is very casual and relaxed.


The service was quite fast. Our orders were served right before we know it. Or maybe because we were the only ones there?

What most of us ordered: PIRI CHICKEN MEAL (P280). Their chicken was mouth-wateringly  good! It was very tender and juicy! Even the breast part was tasty! For someone who always goes for the thighs, I never thought I would enjoy chicken breast this much.

What my friend ordered: PORCO GOSTO MEAL (P370). According to him, the meat was well cooked and very tasty. He loved it! It’s something he would definitely recommend to those who love pork.

Each meal came with:

Olive Rice – it was basically just white rice mixed with chopped olives

Choice of SideCreamed Corn, Creamed Spinach, Grilled Vegetables or Potato Gratin (the Creamed Corn was really, really good I’m telling you!)

Iced Tea – it was refreshingly sweet


I loved how they have unlimited refill of saucesMild, Hot, Garlic Lemon, and Barbecue – which you can mix together and create your own sauce.

My personal favorites were Barbecue (which wasn’t spicy at all) and Garlic Lemon (which was a bit tangy). I didn’t mix any of the sauces because they tasted great alone. Every bite of the chicken dipped in those sauces surely burst with flavors! Hmmm.


The only comment I want to point out was… The portions were a bit smaller than expected. One meal was kind of bitin (not enough) for one person. Or perhaps we were just famished at that time, I wasn’t sure. Nonetheless, Gostoso is a great find in Kapitolyo! We are definitely looking forward to going back there soon.

LOCATION51-B East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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