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Farmacy Ice Cream and Soda Fountain

I have always wondered if Farmacy deserves the buzz it has been getting since it first opened in Taguig over a year ago but I never had the chance to visit it. Until one hot Wednesday afternoon when my friend and I happened to be in the area, we decided that it’s about time!

Hello there, Farmacy! You looked really inviting from where we stand.


Upon entering its doors, the antique medicine (a.k.a. liquor) cabinet instantly caught my attention. I was like, “Are we in the right place?”.

The concept is like a drugstore and a bar combined into one. There’s this long counter top with cookie jars on it along with bar stools where you can sit facing the prescription area. It was uniquely nice!


Yeah, we were in the right place! The ice creams were at the left side. I was too quick to judge. Haha! As soon as we got seated, we were then served with glasses of water plus the menu.


Seriously though, I didn’t really expect there would be more than just ice creams on the menu. They also offer lunch items and different kinds of beverages.

It took us a while to choose what we wanted from their wide selection of ice creams coz they all looked yum yum. Oh my sweet tooth! And oh, my shadow says hey!


I ended up getting their Hot Fudge Sundae (P280) with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate brownies, roasted peanuts, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry on top. My choice of sundae was thick and creamy. It tasted somewhat ordinary but it was good in a way that I couldn’t stop myself from digging on it.


My friend went for their Coffee Almond Fudge Very Thick Shake (P260). She let me have a taste of it and oh dear, why didn’t I get that one?! It tasted fantastic!

The servings were big enough to share. So, yeah, I didn’t finish it. It was too much! But my friend did, right to the last drop. Define matakaw!


All the staff seemed nice. I forgot the name of the server who assisted us from the time we entered the restaurant but I thank you ma’am for being patient with me with all my questions and for being attentive to our needs like refilling our glasses of water without the need to ask for it.

 So… I guess it’s safe to say that Farmacy well deserves all the fuss. I would most likely pay another visit to try the other flavors when I get the chance.

*** By the way, do note that Farmacy doesn’t have their own loo, you have to go to Wildflour Café to use one ***


For the meantime, we’re off to have dinner. Lol, I know. Desserts normally come after meals. But, well, it was still early when we got here.

 LOCATIONG/F Net Lima Building, 4th Avenue cor. 26th Street

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