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Marcia Adams: The Restaurant in Tagaytay You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Or was it just me? My boyfriend and I meant to go to Lime and Basil to satisfy my cravings only to find out they’re closed on Mondays. Hence, we ended up trying Marcia Adams, the restaurant that killed my extreme thai cravings.

While google map indicated 🍴, I didn’t really notice there was indeed a restaurant there when we passed by it going to Lime and Basil. Their signage was really small and hard to spot.


Before we get to the restaurant review, let me tell you a funny I am stupid story.

So… we got here. I got off the car while he parked…


I knocked on the door like literally pulled the doorknocker and KNOCKED until some girl approached me and asked “Ano po yon?” (Can I help you?). “Uhhh Marcia Adams?” “Ah dito po daan, display lang po yan pintuan.” (This is the way. That front door is just a display.). What the *** you kiddin’ me?! I never felt so stupid until then.IMG_6322

I walked my walk of shame to the entrance of the restaurant. While the blame should be on them for their lack of signs, I still felt stupid. Haha. Even my boyfriend was literally LOL-ing at me when I told him about it. *rolls eyes*

See? See? There was not a single sign! Who would have thought that this gate was the way to the restaurant proper? *rolls eyes again*DCIM100GOPROGOPR2155.

Anyway, upon entering, I had that feeling like I was in a fairytale, wondering what was or who was waiting for me at the end of the greenery (while thinking about the people before me who also got fooled by that door just to relieve myself, shame on them!).DCIM100GOPROGOPR2154.

A few steps down led us to this point where a male server warmly greeted us and walked us around the dining areas so we can choose where we wanted to sit.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2139.

At the left was this room with stone walls and chandeliers. Beautiful!IMG_6320DCIM100GOPROGOPR2153.

What caught our attention was this al fresco dining area at the right. The view and the fresh air, which we do not normally find in the city, were inviting. So this was where we chose to be seated.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2137.

Their menu was really cute with only a few options in it. Even so, it took us a long while to decide what dishes to get because they all look very delectable.

Their Main Course price was for a 3-course meal that included an Appetizer and a Dessert. Meaning, we got to taste a little of everything. Oh yeah!

After we placed our orders, a complimentary bread + balsamic vinegar and olive oil were served on our table while we wait for our food.IMG_6627

WARNING: Be sure to get a tissue before you move on from here. The pictures will surely make you drool just by looking at them.  😝


Italian Pork Chop (P795). A grilled loin chop seasoned with fennel and pepper + organic rice +  fresh tomato salsa. It was one gigantic pork chop, which was juicy and tender despite the thick cut. Really good!IMG_6629

Arugula Salad with Shaved Parmesan served with Balsamic vinegar. The salad was actually not part of the appetizer list but I still opted to get one for an additional price. It was simple yet flavorful.IMG_6625

Banana Split  with Chocolate Ice Cream. Special chocolate and almond sauce with French liqueurs. They have a different take on the usual banana split with chocolate ice cream that I know of. It was a refreshing and delicious dessert.IMG_6633IMG_6638


Greek Lamb Stew (P895), cooked slowly in red wine, tomatoes and cinnamon + organic rice. It was hearty yet subtle.IMG_6630

Hummus with Whole Wheat Tortilla. A blend of chickpeas, garlic and oil served with freshly grilled whole wheat tortilla. The tortilla tasted great alone but it tasted even better when scooped with that creamy hummus. It was addicting!IMG_6626

Panna Cotta with Lemon Sauce. The tanginess of the lemon sauce complemented the sweetness of the custard. It was a delight to the palate!IMG_6634

Marcia Adams was such a lovely surprise! If it weren’t for my thai cravings, we wouldn’t discover this hidden gem in Tagaytay. From the service, which we didn’t expect would go well since there was only one at that time and there were about 5 tables to be served, you were exceptional sir! To the quality of the food, which was above average. To the atmosphere of the restaurant, which was definitely a killer making our food tastes even better! We surely got our money’s worth! ❤


When we asked for the bill, it was enclosed in this cute pouch.

My attempt on a paparazzi shot while the boyfriend was trying to finish my leftover.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2136.

And another… Before we left this beautiful place.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2140.

Our whole experience pretty much left us dying to go back real soon!

LOCATIONJ.P. Rizal St., Brgy. Sikat, Alfonso (Cavite border of Tagaytay City and Alfonso)

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