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BLK 513: Jedi Turns To The Dark Side

 Like many other people, I had this strange reaction when I first heard about this organic activated charcoal infused yogurt. Say whut?! Charcoal in my yogurt? That did not sound right. But, come to think of it… There would be no hype if it were not something in the first place. Besides, it’s still yogurt. I am a huge fan!


After our heavy lunch at Din Tai Fung, we headed to BLK 315 in building A. It is just a take out stall beside Payless with only 1 table on each side. This was not the first time I tried it but this was my first review about it.

The queue was not as stressful as my first visit, which was good ‘coz I needed a cold treat (ASAP) for my hotheaded self at that time. I wonder why. Haha!


There are only 2 options that BLK 513 offers: a CUP and a CONE (both in a single size). But there are many toppings and syrups to choose from:


1 crunch

2 fruits

1 sauce


2 toppings

For the CRUNCH, they have Chunky Matter, White Chocolate Oldie, Caramelized Cookies, and Fool’s Gold. For the FRUITS, they have Melons, Strawberries, Kiwis, Mangoes, Lychees, and Peaches. For the SAUCE, they have Hot Nutella Fudge, Salted Chocolate Gravy, Milk Jam, Spice Cookie Caramel, Espresso Latte, and Matcha.

I went for the cup to have more toppings and for a messy-free yogurt experience (imagine a kid eating ice cream cone…disaster!). I picked Caramelized Cookies, Strawberries, Kiwis, and Hot Nutella Fudge.


The first few spoonfuls did not give much of an impression. The yogurt wasn’t as sour as Red Mango’s or as sweet as Magnolia’s. It was just a normal yogurt. But when I started digging halfway through it, mixing the yogurt with all the toppings, it reminded me so much of Llaollao, the famous yogurt in Singapore. Heaven! It must be the caramelized cookies ‘coz it tasted exactly like it. If you’ve tried Llao Llao, I think you’ll agree with me.

I rarely find any food in this color that doesn’t just look good but tastes really, really good as well. What’s more… This dark skim frozen yogurt is gluten-free and is known for its health benefits such as body detox, anti-aging, anti-bloating and better heart health. Uhhh that’s what it says on their wall. Haha!


Turning to the dark side isn’t so bad after all! Is it? It will only leave you looking inky like me. 😉


LOCATIONSM Megamall Building A

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