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Relaxing Weekend at T House, Tagaytay

For my birthday this year, my boyfriend was able to pull off a no fail surprise to the point that he got me in tears. Finally! A surprise that didn’t go wrong! Slow clap… Haha! Kidding aside, he did not just give me the most expensive gift I’ve ever received in my life (nope, not telling), he also planned a simple getaway for the both of us. Seriously, did you win the lottery or something?

Our definition of getaway is usually a beach trip. This time though, he wanted something different. Something that we would both enjoy even if it’s not our usual thing. So, he looked for a not so mainstream place in Tagaytay, our favorite destination for a quick getaway because of its close proximity to Manila, and came across T House. It is situated just along the highway, beside the Ina ng Laging Saklolo Church.

It was the weekend after my birthday when he booked a 2-night stay there.

T House map
source: Google Maps
The Hotel Ground 

T House means Tranquility House, a name that promises the comforts of peaceful living away from the issues of our daily lives in the city. From the sound of the wind blowing through trees, to the sound of chirping birds, to the sound of flowing water, the place was definitely true to its name. It was very serene!

The place is lower than the highway masking the noise from the outside. At the right is a huge parking lot for guests staying at the hotel while at the left sits the church.


The reception area where we were warmly welcomed.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2034.



The pool area. We weren’t able to utilise this facility though.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2121.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2045.T House at night.DCIM100GOPROGOPR2068.

The Room

The room we got at the Fire Cluster was pretty small. The toilet was even smaller. But I couldn’t complain coz 1) the interior lighting design of the room was very pleasing to the eyes, and 2) the toiletries were from Ilog Maria, which I really love especially their soaps. If you’re not familiar with the name, here’s a link to their site Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.


The Food

Good food is an important part of travelling. It has a great impact on the overall experience of your journey in a way that it will make you feel good about… Everything? Haha. Well, for me it is! And for someone who has a pretty impressive appetite for good food (ehem!), I always have high expectations of it wherever I go.

My judgment on T House’s food choices? Superb! Most of the food we ordered were healthy and delicious! We only went out once for our traditional visit to Sonya’s Garden. Other than that, we didn’t bother to go out anymore to scavenge for food. We were very much satisfied with everything they offer at the hotel. Click on the pictures for our orders.


The Chilled Seafood Salad was included in our room as Sundown Refreshment together with 2 Mocktails of our choice. Yum!

This set menu was also included. We had it on our first night there.

For our second dinner, we had these. Their buffalo wings were to die for! They were so good we ordered for another one. Hihi. One thing though, they need to improve on the sushi rolls coz they were a little bland.

The breakfast was also delicious, which was also included in our room. Hawaiian Chicken Tocino for him and Boneless Daing na Bangus for me.


What I particularly loved about our stay was the tray of cookies plus the Tarragon tea that was given every night as part of the turndown service of our room. The one at the right (ham & cheese burger, fish sticks, and kani salad) was a treat for all the guests for participating in the Earth Hour. All were oh so yummy!IMG_6178

The Massage

I’ve been wanting to get a massage since God-knows-when but I never had the chance to. So, I was really happy and excited when my boyfriend told me that a 60-minute body massage was included in our room. He remembered it. Kilig!

What’s even more kilig was the fact that despite not wanting to be touched by a stranger, he went through it for me. Butterflies in my tummy!

It wasn’t just our first time together, it was his first ever spa experience! He was scared and uneasy before we started. But it turned out he enjoyed it more than I did. The irony! Haha! Sarap noh?

The Service

Hats off to the whole crew of T House for making our stay all the more worthwhile. From the people at the front desk, to the servers at the restaurant, to the masseuses at the spa, and even to the room service staff, they all were very friendly and warm. And we deeply appreciated how fast they attended to our needs. Thank you!

The Overall Experience

T House undoubtedly won our hearts. It gave us that feeling of wanting to go back whenever we think of relaxing or disconnecting from this world. It is absolutely a perfect place for pure relaxation and is ideal for people who want to veer away from their internet addiction for a while to be in touch with nature. Yep, wifi is limited and phone signal is very hard there but for the first time, we didn’t really care. 🙂

Thank you beh for this wonderful gift! It was one lovely weekend I wouldn’t easily forget coz it was my birthday haha! Joke. And thank you, T House, for making it even more special!


LOCATION3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City

TRAVEL PERIODMarch 19-21, 2016

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