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Restaurant Review: La Crêperie Bohème

My undying love for La Crepêrie goes all the way back to when I had to drive myself to Shangri-la mall in Mandaluyong just to satisfy my crepe cravings. I’m not sure if it’s their first branch but it was the only one I knew back then.

When they started branching out to different parts of Manila, I was so happy New Manila was on their list! It’s definitely a wish granted to have it near to my place. No need to drive that far anymore! Yehey!


Their menu specializes in crepes and it was and still is the main reason I keep coming back to this restaurant. I’ve tried almost all of them and not a single one disappointed. They were all good!


The best part of it? The Make Your Own dessert crepe section. Faites La Vous-Même! You can choose from as much as you want from the 7 fruits and 15 toppings on the list.


I explored every bit of it until I found my THE ONE! It has always been an automatic order since then. Banana, Strawberry, Sliced Almonds, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Iced Cream, and Homemade Salted Butter Caramel. This never, ever changes coz I wouldn’t have it any other way! It is just a plain sweet crepe but very delicious! Forever favorite! Even my sister and my cousin love it!

Try this combination and then tell me about it! 🙂


Aside from the crepes, of course they have other options like Pasta, Burger, Rice Meals, Teas and what not. I’ve tried a lot of their dishes but there was nothing spectacular about them. Even this Pesto Cream Carbonara with ham and mushroom (P275) that my sister ordered was not that good. And it was a bit dry.


So… If you’re enticed by this post overhyping La Crêperie’s crepes, do visit any of their branches. I swear you’ll have that love at first bite moment like I did the first time.

Also, don’t limit yourself on the crepes. What isn’t good for me might be good for you (and vice versa). Taste is subjective!

Bonne journée! 😉


LOCATION14th St., New Manila, Quezon City (at the corner of E.Rodriguez Ave. and Broadway Ave.)

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