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Restaurant Review: Antojos Manila Modern Filipino Cuisine

Apart from the car parts and accessories that Banawe was originally known for, it is becoming a popular place for foodies all over the metro who are in search of gastronomic trends on a budget. Its growing number of old and new restaurants is one reason foodies keep coming back.

One Thursday night, my family and I decided to have dinner somewhere near our place, which always means nowhere else but Banawe. Haha! We would always go for Filipino food when eating out since my dad doesn’t want anything else other than the local dishes. Can’t argue with the commander!

We’ve come across Antojos Manila Modern Filipino Cuisine at the far end of Banawe Street while scouting for a place to eat. It is located at the second level of Banawe Center. I’m not sure how long it has been there but I think it’s new along with the other establishments in the area.

Antojos map
source: Google Maps

The classy wooden sign outside the restaurant was impressive. But what really caught my attention was the interior from this point of view. I hurriedly went it to…


To… *speechless*. The interior was very picturesque that it actually looked like a painting! Such class and elegance.


Even the walls were picture-worthy!

Usually I’m in charge of the orders but since I was too busy taking pictures, I let my parents pick whatever they wanted.

Menu 2

Pork Sisig Aligue (P250). Imagine your favorite pork sisig embellished with a creamy aligue sauce. Double trouble! But who cares about cholesterol when you get to indulge in this heavenly dish? It wasn’t too oily. It wasn’t too crunchy. It was just the way I liked it. Really good! Seriously.

I never thought pork and aligue would go perfectly well together. Wait… I  was getting dizzy. Whut?


Creamy Pinakbet Pisto with Bangus Belly (P255). They took my favorite vegetable dish to a higher level! Their version of pinakbet was infused with young coconut milk topped with milkfish belly. Delicious!


Pinaputok na Tilapia (P285). It was a twice cooked tilapia in sweet soy glaze wrapped in banana leaves. It was good but there’s nothing special about it. The sauce tasted very familiar. It was something our cook at home can very well imitate.

Green Mango Fried Chicken (P235). Remember when I said in my previous post that I wasn’t really into anything breaded? Yeah, another breaded fillet on my table that looked exactly like katsu.

It was one good chicken thigh fillet lathered with green mango dressing. But it’s not something I’ll have again on my next visit.


Classic Halo-halo (P250). I was never a fan of this popular Pinoy dessert mainly because of how weird it tastes with those ingredients (different kinds of beans, macapuno, langka, corn, and a lot more) they put in just a small cup. The only things I eat and enjoy more than anything in a halo-halo are the iced cream and leche flan (which they lacked) on top!

So, I can’t tell whether their halo-halo was good or not. Nonetheless, it was a refreshing treat! Their serving was already good for 6 persons.

Antojos is a promising restaurant that serves mostly Filipino dishes with a hint of Spanish influence. Not a single dish, given the weird combinations, disappointed.

If you happen to go to Banawe with your family and you are craving for Filipino food with a twist, you might want to try Antojos. You will enjoy eating good food in such a beautiful place without having to worry about the bill being heavy on the pocket.

238 Banawe Center, 238 Banawe St. cor. Panalturan St., Quezon City


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