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Restaurant Review: Maisen

If you love Yabu, you’ll definitely love Maisen! Both katsu joints offer Katsu sets that come with unlimited rice, cabbage, pickle set, fruits, and miso soup. They are pretty similar in a way that I can’t tell which tastes better. But when it comes to servings, Maisen is more generous!

This was how the restaurant looked like from the outside when we visited. Very nice! It is located at the ground level of Greenbelt 5, in between Lorenzo’s Way and Torch.


The interiors were very cozy but the spacing of tables was a little hassle that we had to adjust our table to let someone get to his or her seat.

Did you notice the logo? It kind of reminded me of Tory Burch. Haha!


Different condiments were readily available: Sesame Dressing, Katsu Sauce, and others (I didn’t know what they’re called eh).


Since we were cutting down on our pork intake, we opted to try these instead…

CHICKEN KATSU SET (P350). Chicken Katsu served with rice, cabbage, pickle set and miso soup.

My boyfriend said it was good. It was better than Yabu daw. That’s all you need to know. Haha!


SEAFOOD KATSU SET (P595). Cream Dory Katsu, Salmon Katsu and Prawn Katsu, served with rice, tartar sauce, cabbage, pickle set, fruits and miso soup.

I was expecting my katsu set to be in small cuts but I was wrong! My jaw dropped, my nose flared, and my eyes widened upon seeing my order. No kidding. At that point, I was already feeling full just by looking at it.


True enough, I did not finish my food. I only had a little of each. Anyway, they’re good in their own way. One or two bites were enough to tell a tale.


Honestly speaking, I am not really into anything breaded coz they’re a little too heavy for me and somewhat nakakaumay. The reason I keep coming back to katsu restaurants (namely Yabu and Maisen) is because of their unlimited cabbage with sesame dressing. I really, really love that one! I actually consider it as my main dish and the katsu, a siding. Haha!

LOCATIONGround Floor, Greenbelt 5, Makati City

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