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Acuatico Beach Resort

We have finally decided to book an overnight stay in Acuatico just late last year after sooo many years of wanting to go there. It is located at the far end of Laiya, San Juan, Batangas and is merely a 3 hour drive from Manila, including traffic.

Known for being a picturesque place, Acuatico Beach Resort has always been one of the perfect destinations for honeymooners and for travellers who want a different kind of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It only offers 21 rooms and accommodates a few guests at a time, providing them the kind of privacy that is hard to find in other resorts. Although, given the limited occupancy means it’s pretty hard to book a room especially on a weekend, even when booking a few months in advance. Yes, you read right!

So… We went on a weekday. Me and my bestfriend. And here goes our story…

We were feeling giddy already as soon as we entered the gate to this huge parking space and a full size basketball court. It was a nice sunny day and the beach was calling us already!


We were greeted with welcome necklaces and refreshments at the open check-in desk before we were escorted to our room.


Our room – Alta Vista P7,600/night – was located at the 3rd floor of the hotel with a view of the mountains. It was relatively small for the price but already inclusive of buffet breakfast for 2. Another thing about the room was, there were 2 steps down to the bedroom and 2 steps up the bathroom. I have nothing against it but for someone who is naturally clumsy (hehe!), it is something to be aware of.


Right after we settled our things, we stepped out to check the rest of the resort. Pretty, isn’t it? Well, wait til we get to the scenery where you’ll have that certain degree of fascination.


On the way down we could already see part of the resort’s famous infinity pool that stretches out to the beach. Ahhhh.


We actually meant to go to the beach first but we got hold up to the view of the pool. Haha! Sorry, I (we) was too mesmerized to take a picture of it. I even zoned out of the world for a bit and stumbled into that beautiful paradise. Don’t worry, we have more than enough pictures later.

Wakey, wakey, Jed. We gotta visit the beach!

The beach is open to the public, which was expected. The only thing we did not expect was the annoying vendors who kept on offering us things even when we said no the first time. There was security at that time but he wasn’t doing anything about it.


Nevertheless, we stayed there for a while enjoying the rough sand in my toes and the sunburn on my nose.


Now it’s about time to get into our bikinis and dip in the pool while the sun was still up.

The pictures we saw on the net were true enough. The view was definitely a SIGHT TO BEHOLD. We really couldn’t get enough of it.


We went again to the beach to watch the sunset… Look at the moon behind us! It wasn’t as big in the picture as when we saw it though.

Back in the pool and stayed there for longer hours. In the middle of the pool lies Acua Bar where they offer alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages and bar chow items, which are very expensive for the serving. Really. Imagine paying around P450 for 3 small and thin cuts of buffalo wings. Come on!  It was good but really overpriced.


Anyway… Acuatico was even more beautiful at night. So was I. 😉 HAHA!


We woke up early the following morning to avail of our buffet breakfast at the Oceano. Truth be told, we were very disappointed with their food. Everything they served was bland. Even the à la carte items we had yesterday were not good. Acuatico should take a look into this as good food will always be a part of the whole experience.

We basked in the sun for the last time. The magnificent view of Acuatico in the morning was jaw-dropping. It never fails to amaze us. Such beauty!


The only bad things I have to point out about the resort are:

  1. WIFI – the connection disconnects from time to time that we needed to reconnect every single time. Without fail!
  2. FOOD – they seriously need to improve on this.

Other than that, I really enjoyed our stay there. Acuatico Beach Resort was indeed beautiful beyond words. Special shout out to their spectacular infinity pool! In some ways though, I think it was the only basis for their hefty price tag. What ya think?

But surely, I will go back… With the love of my life! No matter what the price is. 😉


When we left the resort, we were still feeling adventurous we did not want to go home yet. We went to this restaurant in Lipa, on recommendation, to get some good food. I must say, Casa Marikit Ristorante Italiano was something. The pizza (Rustica) and the pasta (Tartufo) that we ordered were really, really good!

The restaurant is located at Banay-Banay, Concepcion, Lipa City. Just waze it! Haha! After that, we made a side trip to Tagaytay before heading back to Manila.

TRAVEL PERIOD: November 26-27, 2015

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