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Restaurant Review: Bugong

There are a lot of restaurants and stalls all over Manila selling roast chicken: Sr. Pedro, Andoks, Chooks To Go, Señor Pollo, Peri-Peri. You name it. They are everywhere! The question is, which one is better?

I’ve had my fair share of every roast chicken there is in Manila and I must say they are all delicious in their own way! The only difference? The price! Haha! Naman! But of course, it all depends on one’s preference. For me, as long as the flavors are balanced, the meat is tender and has no chew in it, and the skin is crispy (who doesn’t love crispy skin?!), then I’m good!

Surprisingly, Bugong, considering it is situated in a parking lot in Makati, met all of my requirements! It’s been there for a long time already, I was just ignoring it. Whyyy. Maybe because it was in a parking lot? Haha me being me. Maarte.

My first time and I loved it! Their roast chicken was really, really good! SUPER SULIT!

Chicken + Salad (P155). A quarter of Bugong’s classic roast chicken with a full serving of fresh Jicama (singkamas), Tomato and Cucumber strips tossed in yogurt-mayo dressing garnished with edible pea petals.


Quarter Chicken Meal (P115). A quarter of Bugong’s classic roast chicken with plain rice + iced tea. In my case, I upgraded to their seasoned thai rice (+P20), which went very well with the chicken. Yum!


So, if you are looking for a good quick lunch or dinner at a very affordable price in Makati, then you gotta try Bugong!


LOCATION: G/F Valero Carpark 2, Valero St., Salcedo Village, Makati City

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