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Restaurant Review: Le Petit Soufflé

Located at the 3rd Level of Century City Mall in Makati, you would not miss getting intrigued when you get a peek into the garden-inspired setting of the restaurant from the outside. And by just looking at it, it is already telling you to go in and try. [Sorry, no picture of the place since I never thought that I will be blogging about the restaurants I went to].

Anyway, I have actually been meaning to try Le Petit Soufflé for the past couple of months especially after hearing about how good their Matcha goodies are. Funny thing was, I did not get to try any of them. Big LOL. Normally, I always save a space for dessert when eating out. This time though I got full from having too much of the mains.

We started off with their French Onion Soup (P220). Good lord it was probably the best onion soup I have had in my whole existence! No kidding. It was so good we greedily ate it like we have not eaten for weeks. Haha! Well, we were very hungry when we got there. Mind you, if I was not so conscious about how I would look to other people, I might have licked the entire bowl until clean.

caramelized onion and bacon topped with a slice of rye bread, gratinated gruyere and emmental

I have heard so many good things about their Foie Gras Mac and Cheese (P625) that I would regret not trying it. It was as good as it was sinful. I rarely say yes to having liver on my plate but once in a while I should at least give it a try. Oh dear, when I ate the macaroni with foie gras… Wow! Just. Wow. And when I mixed in the sausage and the mushroom with everything else… Heaven! Every bite of it literally melted in my mouth. Yum!

But wait, foie gras and cheese are a deadly duo. Share the calories to others so you won’t get dizzy after. Do not say I did not warn you!

macaroni with sharp cheddar, emmental, with shineji, crimini, hungarian sausage, and seared foie gras

My boyfriend ordered the Squid-ink Rice (P395), being one of the restaurant’s best-sellers. It was exactly like paella negra, mixed seafood on top of squid-ink rice with mushrooms and scrambled egg. Pretty, is it not? Well, it did not just look good. It was a damn good paella cooked to perfection. The squid was tender. The shrimp was juicy. The egg was creamy. The rice was exquisite. It was definitely a seafood party in the mouth.

This dish is good for sharing. But if you have a big appetite like my boyfriend’s, you will find it enough to satisfy your big tummy!

PS: It could get you looking inky. And I am sure it will look good on you. Haha! Kidding.

caramelized onion and bacon topped with a slice of rye bread, gratinated gruyere and emmental

Now you know why we did not get to the desserts. We finished these two dishes intended for 4 persons all by ourselves! Imagine how bloated we were after that.

Le Petit Soufflé is one of those restaurants I will definitely recommend to people. It is a fusion of French and Japanese concept restaurant that offers a classy and homey ambiance, excellent service and top of the notch dishes. Surely, I will pay another visit as I have yet to try their Matcha desserts everyone’s been raving about.

this was the only picture I have of the place

 LOCATION:  L3, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. Poblacion, Makati City

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